Circular Gears

 Within the Circular gear module, a wide variety of gears may be generated to correspond to user requirements. Software can create spur gear types, helical, herringbone, bevel and our very own knuckle gear as a design.  Also user may vary the tooth form from involute to epicylcoidal. A series of adjustable parameters exist for each type, allowing full configuration of your gear including ring or planetary gears. 
Circular Gears
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  1. Circular Spur Gears
    The Circular Gear Module basically enables the tool drawing board to generate a circular gear. This module is a fundamental section of Gearotic and is also used to generate Helical, Knuckle, Herringbone or Bevel gears.
  2. Helical, Knuckle, Herringbone, Bevel
    Helical or bevel form, can then be outputted in Straight, Helix or Zerol formats and we also offer Herringbone gears or Gearotic's Knuckle gear.
  3. Planetary gears
    Planetary gears are also possible inside Gearotic, as long as you select a larger number of teeth on the primary wheel in order to have proper meshing capabilities throughout,
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Circular Gear with Circular 1 Spokes
Circular Gear with Circular 2 Spokes
Circular Gear with Standard Spokes

 Gearotic Circular Gear module  supplies users with many neccessary tools to design any gear found in this catagory.  Designs may consist  of  spur gears,  planetary, helical,  herringbone, bevel and our very own knuckle gear.  Our simple to use front end design allows a gear to become a 3d object  once  the “Add Wheel To Project” or  “Add Pinion To Project”  gets pushed.  This creates and implements the gear within Gearotic as a simulation object and gets added to the “Project Database”,  Simply repeat the process to design your own gear train and all gears inside can be individually analysed from that point forward.  A few helpful features also exist in the software.  If you are adding or meshing a gear on to another gear, the gear placement screen will become active.  It will draw a circular ring around the gear you're adding a gear to,  displaying the shaft centerline placement to help visualize what's happening. You may then use your mouse to rotate  the gear around until you are satisfied with placement, click once more to drop  and lock in place.  All of our gears are proper invoutes using standard industry formulations with adjustable overrides. We invite you to review video's made,  be aware that the look of Gearotic plaform may have change over time as it continues to develop , which isn't important, what is important is to know how the gear gets generated and becomes part of Gearotic project, which in return remains the same as in newer revisions.    

Click here to view our circular gear part1 tutorial video on YouTube.
Click here to view our circular gear part2 tutorial video on YouTube.