Gearotic CAD offers multiple spoke types pre-selefcted from its drop down menu, or user may build their own. Spokes are used in Gerotic to decore a gear or simply try to reduce it's weight, how you acheive that is up to the user.  

These spokes were created by selecting Circle2 from our drop down menu with 2 spur gears. Changing how many spokes exist per wheel determines the final look.
These spokes are from the Standard  types and the most basic around.

Below are examples of some of our spokes types.

? Type
Ball Type
Boat Type
Star Type
Guitar Type
A Type
Moon Type
Female Type
These spoke types and many more exist in our library, however making your own is also possible. Using CAD to open a copy of one existing spoke found in our Spokes folder in Gearotic, you may alter the shape of it and save it as a dxf. Once copied into your Gearotic Spokes folder, Gearotic will update and apply it to its library.
Functional Gear with Curve type spokes
Cage Gear with GuitarCurve type spokes
logrhythmic Gear with Curve type spokes