Sprockets can be defined as a profiled wheel with teeth, cogs, or even sprockets that mesh with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material.  The name 'sprocket' applies generally to any wheel upon which there are radial projections that engage a chain passing over it.  It is distinguished from a gear in that sprockets are never meshed together directly, and differs from a pulley in that sprockets have teeth and pulleys are smooth.

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   Gearotic offers a library of sprocket types to select from and maintains standard  form design, dimensions and shape profiles as per industry specs.
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Pointed teeth selections come from a standards definition of a pointed sprocket where the tooth tip ends at the involute intersection.  Curve of tooth is also calculated from the sprocket standards used in current industry.  You may vary the pitch, thickness and the roller diameter.
 Users may use our drop down menu to select sprocket types.  Selecting a chain number from the list provides quick and easy access.
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Click here to view Sprockets tutorial video on YouTube.
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