Specialty gears is another class of objects found in Gearotic which includes Pulleys.   Timing pulleys, also known as toothed, notch, cog, and synchronous, are a positive transfer for a belt and can track relative movement. These pulleys can have teeth that fit into a matching toothed belt or similar configurations.  When correctly tensioned, they have no slippage, run at constant speed, and are often used to transfer direct motion for indexing or timing purposes
 Pulleys may be created and used for 3d printing or machining with our 4th axis methods. Since most do not have 4th axis available, it is possible to cheat some with these, toolpath the gear and collar in 2D, do this via Gearotic 3axix milling then send to to your CNC table to cut them out. Next you add collars on both sides to complete the gear, as oppose to making it all in one piece? It isn't perfect, however often works as a work around. Various options exist, including a pull down library of some of the most popular pulley types. Once selected, you may then use the belt calculator inside Gearotic to determine the belt lenght from your pulleys in your design. If you find a pulley type missing in our library, and you know the specs of it, send us an email we'd be glad to include them.
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Gearotic holds in its library many preset types to quickly match existing timing gears or pulleys . If you do not find a direct replacement of what your looking for,  you may need to manually configure and design the gearand make one to fit. The video link below shows the basic know how on just how to do that, though the screen may appears different from  older revision, the content, application and information remains the same and true.


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Click here to view Pulleys tutorial video on YouTube.