Gears generated and cut with Gearotic CAD/CAM, using CNC, Co2 Laser or 4th axis millimg... 

Circular Gears
  1. Assorted gears from John S.
  2. Non Circular rotating wirly gig
  3. Non Circular Gear Box parts
  4. Gearotic user project
  5. The Ball
  6. The new Mill/Laser/3D printer
  7. Ink Jet rotary printer
  8. Clock made using Gearotic
  9. Arduino project
  10. Laser control using Gearotic
  11. CNC Milled foam form Stereo Photometric
  12. Illusion Ring
  13. MultiView Clock
  14. Customer Designed Clock
  15. Assorted Gears
Non Circular Gears
Cage Gears
Functional Gears

Specialty Gears


Some projects accomplished using Gearotic CAD.  Thanks to all of our users for posting pictures. 

Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

Lever / Chronometer
Clock Projects
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Download Orange Clockwork

In this folder you will find all dxf files and many photos of the Orange Clockwork, feel free to modify as suits,  any questions, ask us on the GearHead forum, we'd be happy to help if you run into any trouble

Have fun..
Vector Processor and Kinetics
Laser Setup
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Download Scimitar Project

The Scimitar files in this folder are provided with no accepted liability as to function or
errors contained within. The ScimitarFULL.dxf contains all the dxf objects in scale and the txt and .tap files contain Gcode files for cutting the objects in metric and mostly posted for a 20mm material depth.