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 Non-circular gears are designs with elliptical shape characteristics. While a circular gear is optimized to transmit torque to another engaged member, a non-circular gears main objective may be ratio variations, axle displacement or oscillations. 

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 Gearotic offers the Non circular gears module. It can be manipulated in many orders from this module to include the typical 1st order elliptical shape, to a much higher order, this can include triangles, squares and hexagonals. You'll also find in this module, our Logarithmic spiral and cam gears generator as well. Since Gearotic uses elliptical gears to generate non circulars, the first order elliptical will always be the only elliptical gear to offset the centre shaft.  All following orders will return the shaft back to center and then generate lobes to determine the order level. This implies that the 2nd order elliptical will resemble two ellipticals but with its shaft centered, while the 3rd order will resemble a triangle , 4th order a square etc… Typically used for ratio variation, they find a home with many as decorative items that many observers feel cannot possible rotate together, but they do.   
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 Our Non circular gears module offers many features to users, such as the roots blower, rack and pinions, planetary action or logalrythmic form gears. Varying the eccentricity or the modification coeffiecients on htese will generate particular shapes that may be of interest to some. Below are some examples of the many things you'll find inside Gearotic Non Circular module.
Roots Blower
Elliptical wheel order, 4 to 1 .
Click here to view our non circular tutorial video on YouTube.
Click here to view our roots blower tutorial video on YouTube.
Click here to view our racks tutorial video on YouTube.