Laser Setup

This page  shows how we built our laser table  to work with Auggie. Auggie part of Gearotic CAD is one of the few software packaged available that will control the laser burn temperature so it is true to its speed and location, to get  true engraving capabilities.  
Welcome to our CNC laser table build.

 I started from basics on this one, built base structure to fit an existing X-Y gantry I had. I designed it to hold and accommodate my power supplies, motors, contollers, Pokey57CNC and a C02 ceramic 15watt laser.  customers.
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Once welded, I dropped my X-Y assembly into the top section. I then begun working on stepper motors to move  X-Y axis. Included a few led to iluminate the work area when working .ustomers.
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Preped the  Z table for up and down movement. I used 2 ball screws at either ends and two linear rails on oposite sides to give me a sturdy and movable platform..

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Ran ribbon cables inside energy chains , end were coupled with IDC connectors to simplify the connections. Ebay was a great place to find these parts reletively cheap.
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IInstalled 2 power supplies,  these will feed my 3 motors and any accessory power for external lamps and fans. 

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Laser Setup
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IInstalled Z Motor to base frame
I used square aluminum tube to encapsulate my C02 laser, It serves well for cooling and holding the ceramic laser inside safe. The laser out end of the square tube was also modified to fit and hold lens holder with proper alignment.
Installed my E-Stop button. This button kills all motors, laser and the Pokey57CNC controller. You must re-home system in Auggie when pushed.
Picture shows LaserPower Supply 60v 6.5A installed in upper left corner.
Carriage platform  now connected to X axis drive with limit switch
All axis mechanically  connected and manually operational. 
Getting ready to run cables to my X carriage shown in picture. Square tube will also hold my RF transmitter used to fire my C02 Laser.
Part holding fan and lamp was made with our small 3D printer, Adapter easliy slide inside square tube while holding fan and Laser lamp, was a success...
End product..Machine works  very well  and  fast too. I did cut a few projects with it so far, like I said, works well. Also liking the laser power output is reletive to speed thing in Auggie, way to go Art.  
Click here to view Auggie Laser Control Intro tutorial video on YouTube.
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