DXF Output
DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file format enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other CAD programs.
 DXF file format was originally introduced in 1982 as part of AutoCAD and was intended to provide an exact representation of the data inside the native file format. Since then, Auto desk publishes DXF specifications for AutoCAD and does support both ASCII and binary forms of DXF. 

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  Gearotic uses DXF  as our graphical imaging interface, which is typically supported by most CAD software available today. We use this dxf file format to export all of our 2D and 3D contours should any user care to modify content even farther to meet their criteria. Most Cad Software will accept it directly, however a few reported from users do not do as well? The problem becomes that our exports are made of line to line data and are of the highest resolution possible, however, some CAD programs out there stumble with this depending on the resolution and size of your gear? It is possible to decimate these to a lesser resolution, or perhaps convert into bezier curves, and try again, but agian most CAD programs have no issues. 
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  Ratchet gear vector once imported as a dxf
3D  STL 
Some of the parts used in Scimitar saves as dxf.
3 Axis

4th Axis
  Gearotic generated spur gear exported in dxf format.

Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

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How to convert from Mach3 to Auggie
Clock Projects
  Dual spur gears as a set, ready for milling.


Licensing Agreement
Rack and pinion rail with modified ends for quick connect and expansion, generated by Gearortic and exported as a dxf.
Vector Processor and Kinetics

Patch Releases

Patch release document
Laser Setup

  Dual Non Circular gears with applied logrithmic form control exported as a dxf.
5th Order pinion gear exported as a dxf.
  Dual Non Circular gears with Elliptical form control using eccentricity of 0.6 and Mod Coefficent of 1,  exported as a dxf.