Clocks and Projects

This page gives quick reference to what we've been up to over the past few years,. From wirly gigs to functional clocks, on to new software called Auggie that will hopefully allow that next step in development, so the designer in all of us can dream on..
Gear Head Forum
Circular Gears
This item was our first attempt to use an ink jet print head in order to 3D print..

Miscellaneous Utilities

Non Circular Gears
Image Process
Click here to view our Ink Jet modifaction on YouTube.
Cage Gears
STL Slicing
Functional Gears
This item was the next move, while it  continued using an ink jet print head the print was circular in motion. Technology proved worthy however we were unable to fully concur the print head timing alogrytim to print when we needed to,Result, idea was scrapped.

Specialty Gears

Stereo Photometric

Output Options

Click here to view our Circular print mechanism on YouTube.
3D  STL 
3 Axis
4th Axis
 We attempted and managed to control a UV lasers to harden resing for 3D printing, Theory proved succesful however cost and ordors wasn't in on our game plan.

Augmented Motion Controller

Clocks Mechanism or Escapements

Click here to view our UV Laser modification on YouTube.
Lever / Chronometer
How to convert from Mach3 to Auggie
Clock Projects


Licensing Agreement
These were actual results of Gearotic 's Graham and Grasshopper escapments as test cuts. Both projects turned out and continue to tick even today when wound up. , 
Vector Processor and Kinetics

Patch Releases

Patch release document
Laser Setup
Click here to view our clock projetcs on YouTube.

Heading 1

Gearotic Laser Control using an Arduino
This interface using an Arduino became our first successful hardware to control a laser using Mach4  and Gearotic to actually control the laser temperature for depth control. Reslts shown on right were exceptional...
Click here to view our Laser control project on YouTube.
This unit  will become our new multi axis Mill / Laser and 3D printer. It is nearly done, just waiting on a few more parts to move on to the nextr step,  then on to Auggie future development.
This ball was made from solid hardwood "Poplar" using laser, Trusses inside were made using the same wood, however once cut we turned them sideways to become the trusses needed to keep this beast all together... Results... Spectacular as Art...  

Heading 1

The Bat and Scimitar projects
The Bat was a mechanical project inspired by the work of David C Roy. A fun project to build. 
 The Scimitar (Ticker) was another project developed using Gearotic. It too offers an impressive look when watching it all work. 
Click here to view our Bat and Scimitar video on YouTube.
 The SandBall Machine consist of two stepper motors, two Arduino stepper motor controllers and one Arduino to acheive paterns made by a steel balls moving in sand. The mechanism is primarly supported with two shafts with bearings to support each other while moving a swipe arm with magnet under a layer of plexiglass. As the mechanism moves, the steel ball follows, generating patterns.
Click here to view our Sand Ball Machine video on YouTube.