Boxing or plating in Gearotic was introduced as an essential tool to finalize any project. The concept was to allow users to easily build a box around their gear assembly while keeping shaft holes in place to ease with assembly and alignment of your project..
Gearotic being a  3D gear generator may output shafts pointing in any directions, therefore we decided boxing to best solve our enclosure issue while maintaining all shaft holes, By selecting the  "enables" in the boxing module of Gearotic, this controls any or all of the six sides of the box your designing  to enclose your gear train,

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Gearotic, being a 3D gear generator, can make a gear train where you'd have shafts pointing in any direction, so we decided to use a boxing routine that would best solve this enclosure issue. The idea was to build a box, tabs to lock it all together, yet keep shaft holes in the proper plane to ease with re-assembly.  Solution was a series of enables check boxes to create any of the six possible plates required to make the box including arches if a desired.
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Boxing within Gearotic is simple to use yet efficient. It allows users to manually input specifics about the box size they need to create, using X, Y,and Z co-ordinates or by clicking "get from project” to automate the process. 
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 Once plates are created and placed in project screen, we leave it up to you to verify all perspective views to ensure all sides properly fit your gear train. 

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 Boxes may be constructed using tabs to interlock box together or you can select no tabs at all..
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We've also included the arch top capability should users prefer it to enhance the box shape in design, and boxes do include all shaft holes to easily re-assemble your gear train.
Click here to view our boxing tutorial video on YouTube.