4th Axis

4th Axis milling is a developed technique offered by Gearotic and somewhat complex in nature. Not all gears are possible to cut via 4th axis (i.e. bevel) so if your gear doesn't appear on the screen, chances are it is not possible to cut.   We suggest you review our videos prior to moving forward.

Send to 4th Axis
  Once your gear is designed and created in Gearotic, sending it to the 4th axis for milling will switch over to our 4th axis milling screen.  Here a series of options exist to allow you to perform a cut suitable for your needs.  Options include toolbox, used to select a tool bit; next/previous buttons to quickly select between your commonly used tool bits;  job settings to include such things as safe Z and facewidth; output options to select what kind of cut you need, and simulations to visually inspect the job you are about to do before you do it.  When utilizing the three output options, Tangental, Rooting, and Root Wall, this should clear away all material as a gear and finalize it, however you may not always need all 3.  Some shapes may only use rooting for an example, a pulley. The other option in 4th axis milling is to do passes in one spot with the shaped tool or involute cutter.
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Our 4th axis theory to rooting is basically equivalent to using a mill bit and generating a rough cut..
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Tangental Shaving
Tangental shaving is a technique used to remove small amounts of material from the working surface of the teeth.  Some may also refer to it as the finish pass.

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Root wall in 4th axis milling will attempt to make good corners on the bottoms of the roots. This can be important should you require lubrication on your gear. 
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Shaped Tool
Shaped tool is basically a tool bit shaped into the profile of your gear teeth. One pass with this cutter will shape your tooth, however it can only be used for this one gear. The shape of the cutter is available in Gearotic and can be exported as a DXF for users to grind one down instead of using end mills. 
Click here to view our 4axis tangental shaving tutorial video on YouTube.
Click here to view our 4axis tutorial video on YouTube.