Functional Gears

Functional gears are gears that are defined by a function to exhibit a particular speed ratio as a polynomial function.  By changing the pitch centroid of your wheel, the pinion also gets a new mating centroid to adapt.  We  suggest you view our tutorial video to get a better idea of the concepts behind them.
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Angular position vs transfer function.

Functional Gears
 Functional gears may be analysed by comparing the angular postion graph with the gear transfer function graph.  In our case, the gear transfer function indicates how fast the gear is going in relation to the master wheel while following all of the rules a gear must consist of to be a valid gear and mesh properly. This module  allows users to add a number of knots to a wheel or to use the bump tool.  By moving these knots or bump tool around your wheel, it  will create an anglular displacement for that wheel corresponding to a new shape change which then causes the transfer function to also change in shape by equation or function. The results can be non circular in shape, however functional as a gear and equal to an equation. 

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Functional gear edited by using bump process
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Functional gear editied via knots wheel. 
Click here to view Functional Gears tutorial video on YouTube.
Functional gear edited with our bump process, toothed  and generated as a 3D object.