Flourishes in Vexx

Vexx is our CAD module inside Gearotic designed to manipulate vectors. Since Gearotic is unique to gears, clocks and things, we thought Vexx would be the perfect solution to allow users to decorate things inside. Flourish is yet another one of those added features inside Gearotic to enhance any project.
  Vexx can be started from the MainTool tab, calledr CAD.. It was designed for those of us  wanting tools to symetrically and artistically decorate any project. We found that nothing really existed  out there to do this easily, so we decided to give it a shot. The CAD module offers a variety of tools that can help build, define or decorate any project. From designing your own kinetic art, whirlygig or perhaps detailing a clock face, Vexx is very unique as to the control user actually have. It can import, generate or modify most shapes, add kinetic movement to your shape, do timing scales, text, heck it can even grow vines as a flourish within a defined area. The vine idea  was inspired by the art of compacting circles, from that you now can grow your own digitally. Vexx offers various options that can deal with dxf or bmp and manipulate that data in such a way that it can generate raster or a binary data outputs for various applications.       

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Contour platform found inside Vexx.

 Vexx is a real versatile platform capable of going that extra step for you. It helps users define or add things such as shapes, letters or scales to an existing project as decore or for functionality. Vexx can also add or blend multiple shapes together to create one,  grow flourishes all symetrical to your set boundaries. All of these shapes may be used in a kinetic world  by activating pivot points, material types and gravity.  
3 Axis
3D  STL 
Gearotic's CAD platform, better known as Vexx, sets the unit type to metric or imperial, imports dxf, test editor where you can easily add text or scales or any information to define your project.
Laser Setup
Editor allows a few options here with the ease of generating lines, squares or circles. If you are using it to generate a flourish, user must select any of these objects to contour it first then generate the seed for it to grow, Examples of a Flourish being made can be seen in our Vector Processor and kinetics tab.
Click here to view our Flourish tutorial video on YouTube.